About Us

We are a Canadian family living in France for a year. We find ourselves in a 16th-century townhouse in the centre of a bustling medieval town called Loches, in the Loire Valley. Built around a small chateau with the largest-remaining intact dungeon in France, Loches is a small town masquerading as a big one, judging by the size of its twice-weekly markets!
So, what are we doing here? Oliver and Danica will go to our local french public school, Derek will continue working remotely at his job for a Canadian company, and Lesley will be the official travel planner, interpreter, and blogger. Our intention is to get a taste of french culture, enjoy life as the locals do, and do as much traveling around Europe as we can manage.
This will be our year-long travel journal. A place to share photos, snippets of life in Loches, and our (hopefully abundant) travel.

(photo courtesy of kia porter photo)



  1. @shammerlindl says

    Just discovered your Instagram account/blog today – what an amazing journey you are on! Fellow Canadian here (Calgary) that hopes to do the same with my husband and three little ones someday soon πŸ™‚

    Safe travels!


    • Hi! Thanks for popping by, glad you found me! It has really been a remarkable year, we have so loved the travel and it was completely worth all the work it took to make it happen. Hope you go for it one day.
      Cheers !


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