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Isola Palmaria

After a couple days wandering around Portovenere, we decided to take a daytrip over to Isola Palmaria. It’s just a quick boat ride away, but we wanted to have the whole day to enjoy the island, so we got moving fairly quickly in the morning. We packed a picnic lunch with delicious goodies picked up in town the day before and headed to the docks.


The Holiday Blitz, our ride over to Palmaria.


Northern tip of Isola Palmaria, viewed from Portovenere on a cloudier day.


From the dock on Palmaria, looking back to Portovenere in the distance.

Palmaria Island is pretty tiny, and much of it untouched. There is a seaside trail that starts at the dock, and after a short walk we found ourselves on the beach, facing the colourful strip of Portovenere’s waterfront buildings just across the strait.



Ready to walk up to the viewpoint


Panoramic views, a huge reward for a short hike!

We really were dying for a beach day, so that was pretty much the extent of our plan. We did a short hike to the northwestern tip of the island to break up the day. We walked up to a high lookout point facing the Church of San Pietro across the narrows, with stunning views sweeping to the east across the Gulf of Poets to Lerici, up past the bluffs to Cinque Terre, and out into the great blue yonder to the west.




After the hike (actually, to this first viewpoint it was more like a short walk — pretty simple!) we went back down to the beach and spent the rest of the day relaxing. We swam in crystal clear water, basked in the brilliant sunshine, and picnicked on the warm rocky beach. Pure bliss.



Derek floating away across the bay…

On our way back to the docks we happened upon a gelato hut, as you do in Italy, and enjoyed an icy cold treat while we waited for the boat to whisk us back. What I wouldn’t give for a limone gelato right about now…


Heading back to the dock in the late afternoon.


Just one more pic from the hike, because look! It’s me! I was there too 😉


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