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Buongiorno Firenze

Buongiorno, Firenze! We flew from Paris to Pisa on May 28, leaving behind dark moody skies, heavy rain, and impending floods in France and trading them in for the hot sun and blue skies of Tuscany. Boarding a bus from Pisa to Firenze, we set foot in Italy for the first time. We were all in awe of the beautiful scenery, gazing at typical Tuscan scenes of towering marble cliffs and verdant rolling hills lined with cyprus trees. We were all so excited for this leg of our journey.

kids first walk in florence

Kiddos walking into the centre on our first day exploring Firenze.

the arno, ponte vecchio in background

Pretty buildings along the left bank of the Arno, with Ponte Vecchio in background

arno buildings

streets of florence

Smitten with the colours of Firenze, golden yellows, cream, ochre and shades of green!

When we decided to spend our last month abroad in Italy, we knew we needed a home base. Derek would still be working a few days each week, and for him work isn’t exactly portable. Along with all our other luggage, we lugged two large computer monitors (in even larger travel cases) over to Europe. For our other travels around Europe it was easy, as the computers remained in our home in France and we could enjoy the benefits of travelling light with only carry-ons. However, this was a proper move and we needed to take it all, so it was not an easy feat! We got a lot of stares in the airport and train station with our massive bags. I think people must have thought we were nuts!!

ponte vecchio from the side

Crazy busy touristy Ponte Vecchio, but it sure is pretty from the outside…

amber drinks!

Our first aperitivo, with golden drinks for everyone! Succo d’arancia, Orangina, Aperol Spritz, Birra

italian coloured tolix chairs!

carousel in piazza della repubblica

We chose Florence as our home base for a few reasons. The places we had decided to visit in Italy were an easy train ride away, and as we sold our car before leaving France (and decided against a rental car in Italy) that was of utmost importance. We needed a long-term rental with reliable internet, key for Derek’s work, and we thought that spending more than just a couple days in this abundantly historical city meant we could take our time and slowly visit the museums, piazzas, gardens, and really get to know Firenze.


Impressive and imposing Duomo.

neptune's fountain piazza della repubblica

Neptune’s Fountain in Piazza della Repubblica

narrow cobbled florence streets

l'arte de' ciompi

Our first week in Firenze was spent wandering the charming cobbled streets, exploring our neighbourhood (just north of the centre, a 15 minute walk away), eating amazing Italian food, and finding the best gelaterias in town. Priorities! Today I’m sharing just a handful of photos from that week, our first impressions and thoughts captured through the lens. Looking at these photos again I’m instantly transported back, the scent of jasmine heavy in the air, sun warm on my face. Bellissima!

piazza della vittoria, football of course!

Footie in the piazza near our apartment.

botanical garden path

Wandering the paths of the Giardino dell’Orticultura near our apartment.

basilisk florence

kids and derek basilisk fountain

Derek and the kids checking out the base of the crazy fountain at the botanical gardens.

botanical gardens florence

aqua flor

Gorgeous parfumerie we happened upon on a quiet side street just off the centre.

aqua flor soaps

So many soaps to smell! Pesca was our fave ❤

aqua flor perfume bottles

I’ve got a whole bunch of posts to catch up on here. We’ve been home in Victoria for over three months now (!!!) and life’s routine seems to have swallowed us back up again. We packed a whole lot into our month in Italy, and going through and editing my photos has been an absolute joy. Italy completely stole our hearts, it was definitely the best decision to spend an extended time in this beautiful country. That being said, we barely feel like we scratched the surface — we will be back again for sure, hopefully sooner than later! Stay tuned for more Italy posts as I wade through my photos and dream of that warm Italian sun.



  1. Graham and Moira says

    How special to catch the Italian mood….especially on a grey stormy day in B.C.!


  2. Hélène says

    Lesley, I absolutely love looking at your pictures from your fabulous year away. I hope you have many more to share. And, thank you for sharing!! 🙂


    • Thank you Hélène! I do have a lot more to share, in fact! Italy was a dream, and I’m still wading through all the photos. Stay tuned! 🙂


  3. Susan Bernard says

    Fabulous photos! What memories….I can sense your excitement in your descriptions.!


  4. Mum&Moma says

    Wow, Lesley, the memories are flooding back…I think I can even smell the city! Your photos really capture the essence of Firenze. . Once experienced, never forgotten. All of Italy is like that. You did throw a coin into the Trevi fountain, right? Thanks for the beauty of your “photographic “eyes.


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