France, Loches, Loire
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Au Revoir, Loches

Loches. We left on May 28, nearly 11 months after arriving in this quiet medieval town. We decided to spend the month of June in Italy, before returning to Canada when our visas expire at the beginning of July. Our last week in France was a series of goodbyes; to friends, classmates, tastes, sights, and sounds.

last day of school

Last day of school for these two kiddos! A special (and tearful) farewell.


Looking down the main street from our place.


Café des Arts, one last sirop l’eau for the kiddos, and Grimbergen printemps for us!

grim printemps

Grimbergen printemps, wish we could get this at home!

Our last trip to the market up the street, a last beer on the sunny patio of our local pub, my last chausson aux pommes (my absolute favourite french pastry). A foggy glimpse of the logis royale from Danica’s bedroom window. A tearful last day of school.

last market 2

Our usual vegetable stand, and an empty spot beyond where our favourite olive vendor usually is (best. olives. ever.)

last market 1

last market 3

One last afternoon spent at the Jardin Publique, a last play with une meilleure copine, final visits with friends. A last dinner out at the restaurant across the street from our house. A quiet contemplative wander up Grande Rue, the cobbled pedestrian street we called home.

jardins publiques

An afternoon spent in the sunny Jardin Publique.

esther and dani jardins

De meilleures copines ❤


Francis, our neighbour and friend, proprietor of Crêperie Royale.

Throughout this difficult week of farewells, we reminded the kids of one thing : “Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened”. Sometimes it’s hard to remember this one. There was much to be sad about. Leaving the people and places you have come to love can be really hard. But, imagine if we had never come! Our lives are so much richer for the experience, so much richer for the connections we made, and the places we traveled. There have been ups and downs, but amazing highs, and it has been so worth every single minute of hard work and saving it took. It was a huge leap of faith into the unknown, and an equally huge adventure. I wouldn’t trade this year for anything.

loches market morning setup

Saturday market set up beginning as we made our way to our early morning bus.

morning family selfie goodbye

We have a family selfie in this exact spot, our first evening in Loches!

loches view goodbye

Au revoir, Loches.

Well, there you have it. I have finally caught up with our 11 months in France on the blog! I have loved sharing our adventures here, it has served as a wonderful journal of our travels and experiences. They have been many! The blog is not quite complete yet. We have been in Italy since May 28, and what an incredible month it has been! We have done a tonne of exploring and travelling.
But alas, our year is coming to a close. We leave Italy on July 1, and spend a couple nights in London before returning to Canada on the 3rd. We get home exactly one year after we left for Iceland. And so I’ll sign off for now. I will be sharing our Italian adventures once we’re settled back at home. Ciao!



  1. Meryl Huxham says

    Oh Lesley, you have me with tears in my eyes as I so remember leaving France after our three months stay. I just kept thinking “How am I going to lock the front door for the last time”.
    Safe travels home and please get in touch when you get back. We live in Broadmead and would welcome a visit anytime. Phone me 250.727.6657 or connect through Brenda. Thanks for the terrific travels and beautiful photos.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much, Meryl. We really did have a most excellent year. I’m glad you enjoyed following along! I can’t wait to have the chance to edit and share our month in Italy. Dreamy! I would love to catch up and meet you. I will give you a call when things settle down a little, we have a list a mile long it seems! xo


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