France, Loire
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Jardins de Villandry

Still catching up on our last couple weeks in France! When we arrived back in Loches after our quick trip to London, we had to really start packing up and preparing for our departure. Knowing we would be spending five weeks in Italy, we decided to pack up a whole bunch of our belongings to ship back home to Canada. In between packing and tying up loose ends, we spent our last weekends visiting a couple more château gardens, which we’d been waiting to see in full spring bloom.

river bank

our pretty picnic spot by the river

We spent a beautiful sunny May day with some good friends visiting les jardins de Villandry. After a yummy picnic on the banks of the Cher, we went inside the château gates and were amazed by the beautiful gardens.

gardens from corner

The ornamental garden

heart garden close

The Andalusian style Love Gardens, representing four types of love. The hearts are for “tender love”.

Highly structured and rather unlike any other gardens we’ve seen this year, Villandry’s gardens are beautifully maintained and very precisely appointed. The potager is planted in patterned squares, each with a different colour theme, and punctuated by rose topiaries at every intersection. Each year, the potager is planted in a different order, and there is a chart at the entrance to illustrate where each vegetable pairing is placed. The garden is bordered by over 7 km of boxwood hedge! It is unreal.

villandry potager

Le Potager, with rose topiaries at the corners

potager from above

Le Potager from above

We were there at the tail end of the spring planting. The potager was just starting to fill in, and the ornamental gardens were filled with forget-me-nots and the beginnings of begonias. In the summer, the colours in between the boxwood borders totally pop, I’d have loved to see it in full bloom. There are some photos on their website.

chateau villandry with gardens

vine pathway

This pathway will be covered in grapes by now!

four kids looking at garden

Two of our friends’ kids with Oliver and Danica looking out at the gardens.

We had a super fun day exploring the gardens with our wonderful friends. Their older daughter is Danica’s best friend in France, they became close very quickly and spent many days and hours playing and enjoying each others’ company. Danica misses her a lot, and one day we hope that the two of them will be able to visit again!

esther and dani running

Meilleures copines ❤


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