France, Loches, Loire
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Around Town

Around Town, Volume VIII. Keeping with the timeline of the blog (certainly not real-time, as I am fairly far behind!), I wanted to share some pics of early spring around Loches. When we arrived home from Scandinavia, we noticed that the first canola fields were blooming. Blossoms were just starting to pop out in the Jardin Publique, and it wasn’t long before we figured spring was on it’s way.


This was taken from the bus on our way home from Scandinavia.


I seriously couldn’t get enough of the canola! I even went for drives in the countryside just to photograph it.


We were actually a little far off as far as temperatures go — it ended up being quite chilly right through to early May. We had the odd sunny day here and there where it felt slightly warmer, and of course these photos are all from those days! But they were few and far between, and it seemed we were in for a long, slow lead up to any proper warmth in our part of France. Luckily the blossoms managed to persevere.





When the sun did make an appearance, we often stopped for a drink on the patio at the Café des Arts, or went for walks around town. Knowing our time in Loches was nearing an end, we also started indulging in some of our favourite treats from the boulangeries, or trying out pastries we hadn’t had yet.


Treats at Café des Arts — Sirop l’eau and Glaces.


Pastries from Boulangerie Laurent — Concorde, Fraisier, Flan, Noisettine.


My favourite house along the canal in Beaulieu-lès-Loches, just a short walk from home.



View down the canal.

Here are a few more shots from April and early May, and our wanderings around Loches. Looking back you would have thought that we had spectacular spring weather — looks can be deceiving I guess!


Amazing wisteria beside the church (les glycines en français!)


The river on a particularly verdant day.


L’Église de Saint-Ours at dusk.


Donjon at dusk.


Dripping rose bush outside of our friends’ house.


It amazes me how these ancient roses grow out of practically no soil.


Danica and I attended a workshop with a fabulous children’s book illustrator, and we made these little bookmarks.


Needed a pic of one of the kids’ fave french drinks — just sparkling lemonade, but they loved the name Pschitt!


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