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Fjord cruise

On our last day in Bergen we took a short fjord cruise up Osterfjorden, leaving right from Bergen harbour. There was a lot of hemming and hawing about what trip to take, we were quite interested in the longer full-day Fjord tour, which included the beautiful train to Flåm, a stop in Voss, as well as a fjord cruise along the way. But in the end, we decided that since we only had two full days in Bergen, we wanted to spend a little more time actually enjoying that city rather than one entire day on the boat. We will definitely go back to Norway one day, and I have rather grand plans of making our way up further north to Ålesund as well as way up to Lofoten. So this time, we decided on a short three hour tour to visit some beautiful scenery right outside of Bergen. It wound up being a highlight of the trip for all of us, and a great way to culminate our Scandinavian adventure.

fjord red houses on shore

fjord lighthouse

I loved the squat little lighthouses.

fjord rocks and trees

derek and kids fjord

fjord view

The day started out really sunny and gorgeous, we cruised right out of town and made our way up the fjord. Again we were struck by the similarities to home. There were a few places with evergreen-covered granite cliffs which definitely reminded me of Active Pass! But my favourite thing on this fjord tour was passing by tiny towns and settlements, just a few houses dotted on a spit, in the typical yellow or red clapboard siding that you imagine of Scandinavian shorelines.

fjord yellow house

The couple at the yellow house was on their porch waving hello! Makes me wonder how often people come through 🙂

fjord granite edge

This view totally reminded me of Active Pass in beautiful British Columbia.

tiny red shack on fjord


kids fjord

We went up to a tiny settlement called Mostraumen, the northern most point on our tour, where we went into a little cove and collected water from a small waterfall to taste the fresh cold spring water (yum!!).

mostraumen point


fjord white house close

fjord point to waterfall drink

Mostraumen to drink from fountain

Hard to capture the vivid teal water. It was here that we collected water for a drink!

On our way back down we passed through Laksegiljer, where we saw these tiny fishing shacks on stilts. Then we took a pass near Heskjedalsfossen, a larger waterfall, before heading back down to Bergen.

fjord flags

dani fjord

shacks on stilts Laksegiljer


The skies clouded over and it was quite chilly by the end of our trip, but the views were still amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed our mini fjord cruise. Here are a few more of my favourite pics!

flags and fjord

oli fjord

houses on hill fjord

fjord cloudy views

This is another view that definitely made me think of home ❤

kids and flag on fjord almost home

bryggen on our way back to the harbour

Back to Bergen harbour, with Bryggen and Mt Fløyen on the left.

This post marks the end of our Scandinavian trip, probably what I would say is my favourite trip so far. It is hard for me to say that — to choose a favourite from this incredible year — but between my anticipation and my overall enjoyment of each Scandinavian stop, I truly think this was the most amazing trip for me. I loved every bit of it, and it totally lived up to my expectations, maybe even surpassed them (trust me, that was hard!). I have a lot more to catch up on. We visited London for a quick and amazing weekend at the beginning of May, and then have since said goodbye to our adopted home of Loches. We arrived in Florence May 28, to enjoy 5 weeks in Italy before heading home at the beginning of July. I hope to catch up on all these happenings over the next few weeks!



    • Thanks Susan! It really was a dream trip (for me especially I think! But we all loved it) Glad you liked the posts!


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