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Mount Fløyen

After wandering the streets of Bergen for much of our first morning, we decided to make our way up to the top of Mt Fløyen, Bergen’s smaller mountain at 320m. The peak of Mt Fløyen can be accessed by a hike or by a quick funicular. We love a funicular (who doesn’t?!) so we hopped on and made our way up on the 8 minute ride to check out the gorgeous views of Bergen below. We did make our way down on foot that evening, which was fun and full of amazing views, if not a little hard on the knees!

floyen funicular station

Funicular station right in town.

flown view point

Closeup of the point in Bergen. Some of the house pics I shared yesterday are on this bit of land.

floyen norway flag

floyen view panorama

Panorama from the top.

At the top of the funicular, there is a little café and gift shop, a restaurant, and the jumping off point for a handful of hikes of different levels of difficulty. The kids played on the (super fun) playground for ages while Derek and I drank in the view from the bleacher-style seating. Then we set off on a short but lovely loop around the trails on Fløyen. We felt so at home, in fact we commented that the scenery could have been right from Lynn Canyon, with the same trees, trails and mossy forest floor. The views, however, were just a little different!

floyen band cover

If they were in a band, this would be their album cover.

floyen forest trail

flown kids log

Taking it all in! Crazy 270* views.

floyen kids rocks

floyen danica path

floyen kids view

Before we headed back down, one last pic of the view!


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