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Helsinki sunset

Sometimes you get to see one of those sunsets that is just so good you can’t stop staring. And, in my case, snapping a billion photos! The quality of light in Helsinki was so amazing, and the sky so brilliantly blue, I just knew we had to watch the sunset one day. Easier said than done for us, sometimes. After a full day of wandering, we are usually cooked by 8pm! One night in Helsinki, we walked about 15 minutes from our apartment and found a quiet cove on the water, the perfect spot. It just happened to be one of those magical evenings where the light was just right, the setting spot on, the water like glass. And so we stopped and we stared as the sky changed from golden to orange to red and then mauve.

golden glow

kids in golden glow

dani sunset

sunset beach cafe

beach cafe silhouette

sunset wide

sunset birds

sunset orange bird

oli sunset

sunset red



  1. Beautiful photos! What camera/lens did you use? I’m living in Sweden right now and do you experience the same thing – daylight until after 10 pm. Coming from living in a city a lot more south, this experience is surreal.


    • Hello! Thank you for the kind words. Most of these photos were taken with my dslr, I have a basic Canon t5i, but a few of them were actually taken just with my iPhone 5s! We were in Helsinki back in April, so at that point the sunset was around 8:30pm or so. We are now in Italy 🙂 I love the long days up north though, we experienced that in Iceland last July, never got dark at all and the sun just hovered around the horizon from about midnight to 3am when it would come up again! Makes for difficult sleep but beautiful nights 🙂 Enjoy your time in Sweden!

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