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Beautiful Bergen

The last stop of our whirlwind Scandinavian tour was Bergen, Norway. We arrived late evening, as the sun was beginning to set. Oli snapped the pic above as our plane was coming in to land! Our apartment sat just outside the centre, on a hill with a beautiful view. We couldn’t wait to explore, and though we had just two full days, we feel like we got a good taste of Bergen and it’s stunning surroundings.


View from our airbnb patio, Mt Fløyen on the left.


Love the manholes in Bergen! Family foot selfie 🙂

We wandered through town, admiring the beautiful rows of candy coloured houses before finding ourselves in the Unesco designated Bryggen Harbour. Again we were spoiled with the weather, we seriously couldn’t have asked for better! Sitting out on the patio having a beer in the brilliant sunshine felt pretty good for April in Norway!




We ate lunch both days at the amazing fish market right on the docks. Amazing fresh seafood and sushi, a couple seriously delicious meals. What we really loved about Bergen is that it seemed just a bit like going home. Surrounding mountains, towering evergreens, the fjords and ocean all around. It just felt right. I definitely need to come back to Norway and explore more of the beauty, I feel like we just had a taste and I already want to go again.


Bryggen Harbour from across the way (of course that scaffolding came down a week later!)



You can see the kiddos on the patio here waiting for their drinks!

Today I’ll share a selection of my photos from around town, but I’ll be back over the next couple days with pics of our afternoon up Mt Fløyen and the short fjord cruise we took as well.






Derek in one of the ancient creaky wood structures of Bryggen, behind the gorgeous façades.





Best fish market EVER.


I had to snap a pic of this ultra-mod orange phone booth. Stylish obsolescence!


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