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Stockholm fun

Stockholm is full of beautiful architecture and seascapes for sure, but one of my favourite things about it is that art is found everywhere, street art galore and the most amazingly decorated metro stations I’ve ever seen! There are about a dozen T-bana stations which are painted in different cool themes. We took a quick tour to a few of them, and we all thought that more cities would have a little fun with their undergrounds. Wouldn’t this make your morning commute slightly less boring?

T-centralen station

Centralen T-bana station.

Centralen T-Bana Station

Stadion T-bana station

Stadion T-bana station

Tekniska Högskolan Station

Tekniska Högskolan T-bana Station

We came across some great tiles on our wanderings as well. Fun graphic walls and archways in unexpected places.

Amazing tiled archway

Amazing tiled archway in a random 70s building on Sodermalm


With every new city we visit, the first thing the kids ask for is a playground. We have found that the best ones so far are in Amsterdam and Scandinavia. Unique, imaginative, and challenging, they are all far superior to what we have going on back home. It is so refreshing to find parks that have such a variety of equipment and styles, and something to suit every age group. We have come across ropes courses and bridges right in the trees, incredible tube slides that require loads of climbing to access, themed playgrounds that mimic that city’s skyline, and now in Stockholm we have found Uggleparken, also known as the BEST park ever, according to our kids.

Uggle = owl

uggleparken. Amazing!

Uggle means Owl in Swedish, and the two huge owls at the entrance to Uggleparken are hollow inside for the kids to climb up and access five long, fast tube slides which snake around the massive birds. There are huge rope course climbing apparatus and bars galore, but the kids’ favourite thing must have been the enormous insects, with little hideaway forts inside and climbing holds on the outside to clamber up. The giant daisy patch was made for kids to feel the size of an ant, fun to climb around and sit inside the huge tulips or slide down a leaf! If you’re in Stockholm with kids, you simply must go to Uggleparken, you won’t regret it.

bugs, uggleparken

uggle kids on bug

daisy field uggleparken

Well I’ve managed to catch up halfway through our Scandinavia trip now. Next we head to beautiful Helsinki and then on to Bergen, which made us feel right at home with it’s ocean, mountains and trees. I hope to pop in with those posts in the next couple days!


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