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Tivoli Gardens

To cap off our time in Copenhagen, we spent the day at Tivoli Gardens. The famous theme park opened for the season the day before we were leaving, so it was good timing for us to be able to visit. Tivoli first opened in 1843, and has since inspired and delighted guests of all ages. It is truly a magical place and feels like you’re stepping into a fairytale right in the city.


A cute little corner astronomy shop inspired by Tycho Brahe


Hot air balloon Ferris Wheel for a great view of the park!

We spent an awesome afternoon and evening riding the many attractions, gazing at the gorgeous scenery, and snacking at the great restaurants set on the lagoon in the centre of the park.


One of the many awesome eateries on the lagoon! And yes, those are plastic cups for you to take your beer to-go in the park.


Hans Christian Andersen’s Flying Trunk ride was a sweet trip down memory lane, passing by scenes from his many fairytales. It made me think of all the beautiful Fantasyland rides at Disney, and for good reason, as Walt Disney counts Tivoli Gardens as one of his biggest inspirations for his Disney parks.


The Flying Trunk


The (original) Snow Queen

Our family favourite was the Roller Coaster, a classic wooden rollercoaster built in 1914, one of the oldest still running in the world! It was super fun, full of dips and hills and fast corners. Amazingly, it is still operated by a brakeman in the middle of each train! You can tell the operators have a lot of fun with it. The kids were jealous that they get to ride it over and over all day. As it is, we must have gone on more than a dozen times! Not sure how I only managed to snap one decent pic of it…


The original Matterhorn? And in our opinion, way more fun!

There were lots of other fabulous, fun, and some scary rides. Of course I accompanied Oliver on all the thrill rides while Danica rode the beautiful eastern-themed carousel with giraffes, elephants and camels! Another great family fave was the Star Tower, which floats up and down and is really a total blast. Danica especially loved this one (for the tickle bumps, as she calls them) and you can see the excitement on her cute little face!



Pure joy on the Star Tower

The decor in the park is pretty awesome. Some beautiful hanging gardens, a central lagoon, fun play areas, even a taj mahal-inspired hotel complete with peacocks strutting around the courtyard.




We caught a glimpse of the Tivoli Youth Guard, originally started in 1844, marching through the park in their pristine uniforms and fuzzy hats. And then as evening falls, the park is filled with the glow of thousands of twinkling lights. Truly magical.





We are so glad that we got the chance to visit Tivoli, it will remain a very memorable part of our trip to Copenhagen and just another reason we love this city. The kids of course were completely obsessed, and would happily visit often if we ever get the chance to spend an extended period here. Maybe we can make that dream happen one day!


One of the main strips, complete with some pretty wacky decoration!





Awesome Indian-themed bumper cars!




The requisite family ride selfie, this time on the express train coaster (also super fun!)



  1. Sheelagh says

    So fun! I knew nothing about it until reading this post – had heard the name, but thought it was a garden. I can totally see why it was such a hit – something else to add to my very-long list of places I want to go. Thanks for sharing!


    • I thought the same until we started researching our trips! It was incredible. Copenhagen was a total highlight, definitely add it to your list!


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