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I have been waiting for such a long time to visit Scandinavia. The amazing design aesthetic paired with what I have learned over the years about their values and lifestyle (read: a focus on health, education, outdoors, and family) have always made it a top destination in my eyes. This trip was definitely the one I’ve been most looking forward to during our year abroad, and I was seriously in awe the whole time. We were away for a total of 16 days, spread out over Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, and Bergen.

shop exterior

There were flowers everywhere on the streets in front of shops. I loved these suitcases filled with ranunculus!

pretty streets copenhagen 2

We will start with wonderful Copenhagen! This city immediately felt like a great fit. We had a fantastic apartment in a great neighbourhood, Osterbro, easily accessible to the centre. This was one of our very best airbnb experiences this year, a real benchmark, and one I won’t soon forget. We even had breakfast one morning with our awesome hosts! Our apartment was actually just around the corner from one of my very favourite shops, Normann Copenhagen (insert dreamy sigh). Copenhagen has a definite Amsterdam-ish vibe going on, in fact the King took inspiration for their canals from the Netherlands capital.

nyhavn harbour

Nyhavn Harbour, and it’s famous colourful façades.

cute door decor in nyhavn

nyhavn harbour pastel houses

The are amazing cafés and super stylish shops around every corner. I especially loved the little gems you could find tucked down a few steps from street level, almost in a half-basement but still bright and chic. There is history everywhere you look, but the city as a whole has a current and contemporary vibe, as if everyone there is in the know.

no 11 outside

We happened upon the No 11 café one day, delicious food + great decor, as is common in Copenhagen!

no 11 cafe

Inside No 11, loved the hex tables and ceiling fixtures.

ditte fisher

These beautiful ceramics by Ditte Fisher made my heart flutter.

ditte fisher

We spent five super fun days wandering the streets, taking in a healthy dose of incredible design, history, fun, and delicious food. I’m not going to blab on too much more here, spewing superfluous adjectives about how much I loved this city. Our whole family did, and we have agreed that we could see ourselves spending an extended time there down the line. I will definitely be holding tight to that dream.


I’ve been following Stilleben on instagram for ages and love their aesthetic. Dreamy.

hay timers

One of my favourite brands ever, I was so happy to visit the Hay flagship store.

pretty streets copenhagen 1

I’ll finish up by sharing the rest of my city photos. Check out that Lego Stenning family from the flagship store! I think it’s safe to say that Copenhagen has crept it’s way to the tippy top of my favourites list in Europe so far. I can’t wait to go back again, hopefully before too long.


family pic entrance to Kastellet

Family pic at Kastellet, one of Northern Europe’s best preserved Star Fortresses.

kastellet corner

kastellet barracks

The bright red barracks at Kastellet

Rosenborg Castle, copenhagen

Rosenborg Castle near the centre of Copenhagen

Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen statue in the King’s Garden

copenhagen marble church

The dome of the Marble Church, and Amalienborg Palace.

guard in tower

guards in line

arnaldo pomodoro sculptures in amaliehaven gardens

There are four gorgeous Arnaldo Pomodoro sculptures in Amaliehaven Gardens.

arnaldo pomodoro sculptures closeup

patios in copenhagen

Great patios all over town.

cute aqua building

I love this aqua building tucked into a little wedge.

Brumleby in Osterbro

Colourful streets of Brumleby

I’ve got another couple Copenhagen posts planned, because I just couldn’t share it all in just one. Stay tuned later this week for our visit to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and an afternoon spent at Tivoli Gardens!



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