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Disney Paris

Bear with me as we interrupt this travelogue with a little bit of Disney! As I mentioned in my last post, when we were planning our year in France we did indeed promise the kids a trip to Disney Paris. A little background – we visited Disneyland in California in january 2014 and had a total blast. The kids were at the perfect age for that pure Disney magic — they were all-in believers, everything was so real to them. We all had a total blast.


Jan 2014 — Disney magic in full effect! The kids seem so little.


Then and now! Donald is their fave.

We started planning our year abroad very shortly after that trip. There was a lot to consider, a tonne of planning, research and logistics involved in living in France for the whole year, and we started talking about it with the kids right away. They were still in total post-Disney mode, asking to go back at least every few days. They were obsessed! France was not on their radar at all. So, in those early days of euro-planning, we were definitely guilty of dangling the Disney Paris carrot in front of their eager little noses.


Family teacup selfie, 2016 Paris version.



Family teacup selfie, 2104 California version.

Fast forward to summer 2015 and the kids are now totally excited about France, and all the travel we were going to do around Europe. There was a little part of me that wondered if we could take that excitement and channel it into skipping Disney in favour of some other France locale. Trust me, there are a lot of places we could have visited for that long weekend that didn’t involve Disney! But we made a promise, the kids were still eager, so off we went. I’m so glad we squeezed in that last day in Paris on the same weekend, butyou know what? As soon as the weekend was upon us, I was totally looking forward Disney as well.



This giant Disney hot air balloon is at the lagoon beside our hotel. We didn’t go up but occasionally saw it hovering high in the sky.

Being mid-march in Paris, it certainly felt different than California — we were bundled up, and it was super cold! After a slow start to winter around here, the cold season sure has taken it’s time leaving us. We definitely have a later spring here than we’re used to back home. Of course, one big benefit to that was that it wasn’t too crowded at the park! Anyhow, I digress.


These character eggs were all over the park for Easter decor! We loved them.



In the end, our two days at Disney Paris were awesome. We had so much fun riding as many rides as possible, meeting cuddly characters, eating too much of what was basically overpriced MacDo, and getting immersed in the magic. The details in the park were beautiful of course, as is typical with Disney.



The kids loved it. They met loads of different characters that we hadn’t seen in Cali. They revelled in finding out their names in french, often totally different than their english monikers. Scrooge McDuck in french is Pic$ous, definitely my favourite name! We all loved that the typical snacks offered were croissants, beignets and warm drinks rather than corndogs, potato chips and soda!



All in all, it was a really great time. We loved the Ratatouille experience, which they don’t have in California. Imagine visiting a Paris street, at Disney, in Paris! The evening lightshow was a definite highlight, different than the typical fireworks. A musical light show was projected on the castle, with a storyline almost like a film, the fireworks and other pyrotechnics providing the jewels of the night. It was amazing (please pardon the poor photo!).



So, when we look back at our weekend in Disney Paris, instead of wondering where else we could have gone for those three days, we will instead relish the memories we share and the fun we all had. It is, after all, pure magic. Here are the rest of the kiddos’ favourite pics!





I’m hoping to get around to posting the first of our Scandinavia photos next week. There are LOADS so it is taking me a little time to process (and I may have encountered some unfortunate technical difficulties — unfortunately all my fault). It’ll be over the course of several blog posts, but it’ll happen eventually. In the meantime, late next week we are off to London for four days. So excited!


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