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Around Town

I haven’t done one of these for a while! I thought I’d share a few phone snaps of what we’ve been up to these past couple months, so here we are with Around Town Volume VII. The Prairies des Rois are a couple of huge fields with walking paths, farmland, and poplar groves separating Loches from Beaulieu-lès-Loches, the next town over. I’ve posted many photos of our walks there before (like here, for example) and we spent a lot of time down there through summer and fall just hanging out.

loches prairie bridge pre flood

On the footbridge to the Prairie on February 12. Usually there’s no water in those ditches!

There are a bunch of informative placards throughout the Prairie, talking about the birds living there, the poplar groves which are grown for harvest every couple years, and the wetlands that happen in the winter if the Loire floods. The fields do flood every year to varying degrees, but apparently this year is one of the worst in recent memory!

kids on bridge in early flood

On the same bridge the next day, February 13. Oliver couldn’t resist, despite no boots.


dani on bridge full flood

No sign of a bridge here now! February 15.

As you saw in my last post about Chinon, with trees literally growing out of the expanded river, the banks of the Loire did indeed flood this winter. Even though I didn’t feel like it was all that rainy here these past couple months (remember, we do live on the west coast of Canada — in other words, the Wet Coast) the Prairie did, in fact, become a total wetland.

dani in prairie flooded

dani on rock in flooded prairie

These photos were taken over the course of just a few days in mid-February. Danica was completely fascinated by the rising waters and the disappearing foot bridges, and obsessively wanted to visit the flooded fields every day! The road nearby was closed several times this past month as the river flooded it’s banks.

dani in field full flood

fish art flooded

This guy is usually on dry land, raised up a fair ways from the (normally dry) ditch.


Taken from the top of the town, looking down at the lake where the fields usually are.

Moving on, we have been seeing tiny signs of spring happening around town. The Jardin Publique is bursting with camellias and bulbs, and the magnolias and plum trees are finally starting to flower. However temperatures have stayed pretty chilly and we are still bundled up like it’s winter!

plum trees + saint ours


a view of the chateau from below

CarnavaLoches was held in early March with a big parade and some great street performers. We also took a drive up to the Château d’Ussé, known as the Château de la Belle aux Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty), but the kids’ favourite part of that day may have been the giant bamboo grove!

carnavaloches fish

chateau d'usse

bamboo chateau d'usse

Then just before we went up to Paris last weekend, my sister came to visit. She was in Loches for two days on her own before meeting up with her husband for week’s vacation in Rouen and Paris, sans kids — lucky them! Our kids loved getting to see their aunt, and I loved showing her my favourite château, Chenonceau of course! My third visit there and I still love it.

with sheelagh at chenonceau

No family resemblance here at all 😉

chenonceau third time!

A beautiful but freezing cold day! The fires were all lit inside.

chenonceau doors

Way to make an entrance.

chenonceau galerie

My favourite hall. Imagine the grand parties!

chenonceau florals

The flowers were a highlight at Chenonceau, as usual.

chenonceau garden outbuilding

Gorgeous garden outbuildings. So dreamy!



  1. Sheelagh Brothers says

    It was so wonderful to visit you guys in Loches and see where you’ve been living and adventuring – I’m so glad I got the chance! Merci xoxox


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