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I think I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but since we’ve been living inland here in France, every so often we get the itch to make our way to the coast. Thank goodness for all the rivers around here, otherwise I’d truly go through water withdrawal. After we came home from Berlin, we all decided it would be nice to smell that ocean air, so we hopped in the car and headed for La Baule, a coastal town in the Loire-Atlantique.

beach and water with light

happy by the sea

Happy to be back by the sea.

top rock kids


There was a family of cormorants on the rocks, they seemed to be really enjoying the wind.

kids on beach

We found ourselves in a delightful little seaside village full of boutiques, chocolateries, and loads of restaurants. We had an apartment right on the strip, and I can imagine that come summer it is totally the place to be. Lucky for us, we love a winter beach almost as much as a summer one. The kids have so much fun exploring wild rocky beaches and searching for treasures, so really we couldn’t have chosen a better spot for our blustery February weekend getaway.

oli tidal pool

more kids on rocks

family photo in tide pool

We spent much of our time wandering the seaside trails and rocky beaches of Le Pouliguen and Batz-sur-Mer, two more tiny towns just a short drive from La Baule. We were there at low tide each day, so there were loads of tidal pools dotted throughout the rocks. The craggy rocks reminded me of the way the Rocky Mountains look from a plane. There were also a bunch of caves tucked into the rocky walls, which were fun to discover.

rocky mountain rocks

Rocky Mountain rocks.

splash rocks

cave kids

kids and pools

moody beach pano

The region is dotted with Marais Salants (salt marches), and they produce much of France’s salt. At this time of year, the marshes were jam-packed with cranes and herons looking for a bite to eat, and it was fun to see how many birds we could spot as we wound our way through the marshes in the car. We also took a short walk into Batz-sur-Mer, and came across some awesome ruins of a 15th century church in town, the ground covered in the most vivid green grass, contrasting with the ancient stone.

church ruins in batz

15th century church in batz

On the Saturday afternoon, we drove into Nantes, about an hour inland, to visit Les Machines de l’Île, which we’ve been waiting to check out since we’ve been in France. It was an awesome day and we had a blast, I’ll share some photos of the Machines tomorrow.

me and dani

Back to taking selfies to prove I was there 😉



    • Hi Jill,
      Thanks so much for the kind words! I am glad you’ve enjoyed having a look around. This has been a fun way for me to record our travels this year!

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