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The Wall

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Berlin is usually the Berlin Wall. Symbolic and infamous. Oliver was full of all kinds of questions (throughout the entire trip) and his eyes were widened a LOT when he heard about, read, and saw the history in this city. Danica had a really hard time understanding — she’s only seven, how could she not? I am not even sure if I do, it is just so difficult to imagine.




Of course we paid a visit to the Berlin Wall Memorial. It was moving, staggering, stunning. The kids were completely enthralled by the photographs of the victims killed while attempting to cross. They simply couldn’t believe that there were kids killed like that, point blank. Because, kids. Who does that? I can’t even begin to explain, or to imagine the sheer and utter courage and terror that must have been present for their parents, to risk everything. Mind blowing.

berlin wall memorial faces



wall memorial faces

section of the wall and the death strip

The remaining section of the wall, with watch tower and deathstrip.

Later in the week we went to the East Side Gallery. The kids rather enjoyed this, seeing all the different and varied art. Having seen Thierry Noir’s faces plastered on souvenirs all over the city, they were pretty excited to see his faces on the sections of the wall. It’s interesting, for me, how detached I felt from the symbolism and history of the wall when seeing the East Side Gallery. None of that same raw emotion came up (for me) as it did when we were at the memorial.


east side gallery quote

thierry noir's faces

thierry noir's faces

Anyhow, I’ll leave you with some more pictures here. This post is feeling a little heavy, to be sure. I’ll be back with my last Berlin instalment later this week!

oberbaum bridge

Oberbaum Bridge near the East Side Gallery.

the kiss

The famous kiss.

car breaking through the wall

walls everywhere

Walls, walls, walls.

with a piece of the wall

With a piece of the wall at the Checkpoint Charlie memorial.


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