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Those two happy faces were pretty excited to visit Berlin earlier this month, as were Derek and I! The kids had a two week school holiday mid-february, but we could only sneak away for five days because of Derek’s work schedule. So, we planned a trip to Berlin, figuring we could see enough in five days to get a bit of a feel for the city. We did a LOT, but it somehow didn’t feel too packed. We visited all of our “must-see” historic sites, and snuck a lot of fun and downtime in there as well. Thankfully we were pretty lucky with the weather. Considering how far north Berlin is, it wasn’t as cold as we’d expected, and there was very little drizzle and no snow. Definitely a good thing in a city so spread out, as we did a lot of walking!


Reichstag building


I took loads of photos, despite accidentally leaving my camera on and the battery dying after day one, and not having brought the charger. Oops! iPhone to the rescue. Anyhow, I’ll split them into a few separate posts, starting with some monuments today.

more reichstag ramp and reflection

Looking up from the base of the dome.

reichstag reflective tower

Kids looking up to count how many of me they can see.

I was super excited to go to the Reichstag building to climb up the glass dome. The central pillar of mirrors made for some really awesome visuals. Derek of course was more interested in the history, and thoroughly enjoyed his visit also.

reichstag reflections and ramps

From above. There were some pretty amazing historic photos around the base of the mirrors.

family selfie in reichstag

Repeated family selfie taken from the ramps.

Of course we visited the Brandenburg Gate. It’s pretty hard to miss, and of course was completely surrounded with tourists, but cool nonetheless. I have not yet grown tired of seeing all these places that I’ve only ever read about or seen photos of.


hand organs

I loved these hand-organ grinders (complete with stuffed monkey!)

One of our favourite spots was the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. It is a beautifully done memorial, with undulating cobbled pathways between the concrete stelae, the slabs looming high above the visitor in the very centre. Standing there at the edges looking into all the pillars, it was very moving.

monument to murdered

monument to murdered jews tall

oli in monument

family pic

When I set up the self-timer for this shot I accidentally had it on burst, so we made a very silly animated gif. It was surprisingly fun and has inspired me to do this more often.

One bright and sunny morning, we walked from our airbnb apartment (which we loved! If you need a recommendation for a great family-friendly and comfortable place in Berlin, let me know!) to the Bauhaus Archiv, stopping at the Victory Column along the way. Views down the Spree River were beautiful, and we even saw a kayaker out there — brrr!


victory column

We climbed the windy staircase allllllll the way to the top! Great views, sore legs.

mosaic victory column

Incredible mosaic around the base of the Victory Column. The tiles are tiny (1/2 inch) and it was richly coloured with amazing detail.


The Bauhaus Archiv, filled with delightful art and furniture from one of my favourite eras of design.

I’ll be back with more photos later this week! So much to see in Berlin, what a vibrant city.


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  1. Graham and Moira Nixon says

    Wow Lesley…you leave us breathless with both your photos and with the comments. Quite a way with words….shall look forward to a book or something? So glad to have seen Berlin through your eyes, as we don’t know if or when we may get there! Keep up the impressive reporting…xxoome


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