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While my parents were visiting, Derek and I snuck off to Paris for a weekend alone. It was dreamy, festive and wonderful, and all those clichés. The weather was perfection — sunny and even a bit warm, there’s no way you might have guessed it was less than a week before Christmas. We walked and walked, went in many shops that we would have driven the children mad, stayed out late, ate dinner at a fantastic restaurant, watched the sunrise, wandered through beautiful parisienne shopping passages, went back to the d’Orsay, visited Versailles, sipped vin chaud at the eiffel tower, rented vélib bikes, and enjoyed an all-around fantastic weekend. And of course, as all parents do when they’re away from their children for any length of time, we talked about the kids! Here is a glimpse of our weekend in photographs.

pink sky seine 2

notre dame


st regis

papier +


building marais

shadow selfie

Galerie Vivienne entry

Galerie Vivienne

montmartre building 2

passage du grand cerf

Galeries Lafayette

grande roue

sunrise on the seine



versailles selfie

chapel of versailles

hall of mirrors

winter gardens, versailles

eiffel tower selfie

eiffel tower and flocked trees

Fleux' -- new fave

vases at fleux'



hotel de ville


Au revoir, Paris. À la prochaine fois.



  1. Lovely photos! Great blog…my family and I are moving to Brussels for two years at the end of the month. I’ll definitely be referring back to your posts for some travel ideas!


    • Oh wow, that is amazing! Brussels was one of the places we considered when we were looking at where to live. It is a great city! So central, you’ll have an easy time traveling from there for sure. Give me a shout if you have any questions!


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