Loches, Loire
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While my parents were here, their excitement about Loches inspired me to take my proper camera around town to snap some pics, instead of always relying on my iPhone. I love the convenience of the iPhone of course, but I brought a new(ish) lens with me to France and I have not once put it on my camera since we arrived. So, I decided to trip around town and give it a test drive. The photo above was taken from our doorstep, looking up the hill. I will miss this when we go back home.


Looking down the Indre towards the Jardins Publiques.

caravage building tops


The archway at the base of this building leads to our house.

Saint-Ours spires

Saint-Ours spires.


boulangerie gibaud

Le boulangerie Gibaud, one of our very faves in town.

Loches - cité royale

Cité Royale viewed from the stade.

quiet loches street

A quiet moment on the street in Loches.

I love the way that black + white photography brings out the texture in the stone buildings, and enhances the contrast with the roofs. I think when we come home to Victoria I’d like to take some more time to learn photography. I’ve got a few goals that I’d like to work on, so it’s time to make some strides towards them.


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