France, Loches, Loire
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Around Town

Around Town VI, holiday edition. We continued with the beautiful clear dry weather throughout most of December here in Loches. Still unseasonably warm, and less rain than ever. The skies treated us to some spectacular sunrises over the valley. I insisted on chasing the glow most mornings after dropping the kids off for school. The view from the grounds of the donjon was perfect.

sunset 2


December sunrise from the grounds of the donjon.

misty farm shed

My favourite stone farm shed on a rare foggy morning.

Pretty much the minute we solidified our plans to spend a year in France, my parents announced that they would come and spend Christmas with us in Loches. They are avid travellers, and have formed several close friendships with couples throughout their many expeditions. The decision to come to Europe at Christmastime was an easy one for them. Like me, they’ve always wanted to see German Christmas markets. Friends in Dusseldorf and Frankfurt made that dream of theirs come true. A couple weeks spent in Germany and Holland, followed by two weeks with us in Loches, and capped off with a week in London to celebrate New Years with more friends. I think they’ve got this retirement thing dialled after all these years!

parents in montrésor

Kiddos showing their grandparents around Montrésor.

Derek and parents

Enjoying a game of boules at dusk in the Jardins Publiques.

mom + dad at st ours

Mom + Dad in front of Saint-Ours.

The kids were especially excited to have their grandparents here. My parents are very involved and absolutely adore their seven grandkids. I have to say, it was pretty awesome to have them with us for Christmas, as it was a weird feeling to be away from home, friends, and our favourite traditions during the holidays.

grandparents + co

These kids were SO happy to have their grandparents visiting.

mairie in festive dress

The Mairie on a beautiful busy holiday afternoon.

Loches did a beautiful job of festive decor. There were twinkling lights and little holiday vignettes all over town. Huts with elves in their workshop, a manger with animals, and Père Noel’s traineau. There was a poetry scavenger hunt around town for kids to complete to enter the holiday draw. A beautiful carousel was installed in the square, as is typical in most french towns during the holidays. We enjoyed hot wine on the patio at one of the local pubs on several occasions, and hot chocolate for the kids, though they did keep trying to get the hot wine! There was a crêpe and waffle hut set up beside the patio, just in case you needed a nutella crêpe. It was really wonderful.

holiday vignettes

The kids working on the poésie scavenger hunt in town.

santa's sleigh

Le traineau de Père Noel with a couple goofballs.

We had fun showing my parents some of our favourite local spots. We went for a walk along the river in Montrésor, wandered through the prairie des rois, drove through the beautiful countryside, and took day trips to Tours and Chenonceau. But mostly they just wanted to enjoy Loches, and see what it is about this place that we’ve come to love. I think it’s safe to say that they fell in love with Loches a little bit, too.

us in the park

A rare pic of the four of us. Thanks Dad!

saint-ours at dusk

Saint-Ours spires at dusk.

Tours hotel de ville

Daytrip to Tours. L’Hôtel de Ville all dressed for the holidays.

skating in tours

Outdoor skating rink in Tours.


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  1. Graham and Moira says

    Lesley….you have it SO right! Loches is, indeed, magical. It was great visiting Chenonceau and Montrésor and Tours but the highlight was being part of your daily lives in Loches. …meeting your favourite market vendors, the Gibeau’s Boulangerie and afternoon drinks in the square! We daresay that it’s a place we would happily visit again should our wanderlust take us back to France. And who would have thought I’d buy blue shoes just up your street!?!


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