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Ludwigsburg Baroque Market

The last Christmas market on our list to visit while in Stuttgart was the Baroque Market in Ludwigsburg, a short train ride away. We arrived before dark and enjoyed watching the sky darken in the square, with the lights coming on to magical effect.

pink buildings pink glow

Glowing entry to the market at dusk.


Angel wing lights at the Ludwigsburg Baroque Christmas Market.

The theme this year was Christmas Angels, and ethereal angels’ wings lights seemed to float above us, creating a beautiful scene against the cobalt sky. The market itself had a slightly different feel. Maybe more old-timey, though I’m not sure I can quite put my finger on it.

Angel wings church


ludwigsburg lights

Sparkling white lights everywhere.

We had some very delicious gluhwein (our favourite of the trip!) and as usual ate loads of market-food delights. The kids had their kinderpunsch in adorable boot mugs, which of course had to come home as a souvenir.

kids took our pic at ludwigsburg

A picture of us, for once!

danica and her boot

A boot of kinderpunch!

There was a lovely choir singing Christmas songs, which added to the magical atmosphere. Actors wandered through the stalls dressed in feathers and angels’ wings. All in all it was a great night, and an awesome way to round up our German Weihnachtsmarkt experience.

stars at ludwigsburg

Coloured star lanterns and angels’ wings.

market view ludwigsburg

kids and carved wood ornaments

incense smokers

We finally picked out an incense smoker to bring home after admiring them at all the markets!

Ludwigsburg Lukas

Cute gluhwein mugs! “Ludwigsburg Lukas”

So, I still have some major blog catching up to do. Obviously I’m still working on our Germany trip from early December! Life got a little busy over the holidays. More to come soon!


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