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Stuttgart Weihnachtsmarkt

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to visit a real German Christmas Market. I knew we would have the chance to get there this year, and I’d really been looking forward to it.

kids + nutcracker


We had to take advantage of the outdoor skating rink.

We decided that the easiest city to get to from Loches by train would be Stuttgart, as it is quite close to the french border. We spent five days there at the very end of November and early December.

little train

This tiny train had a real steam engine, and wound it’s way through a miniature alpine town.

little train

train 3

It turns out that the Stuttgart Weihnachtsmarkt is one of the oldest and largest in Germany! The first recorded market there was in the late 1600’s. Besides it’s age, the Stuttgart market is well known for the beautifully decorated rooftops and the special design of the wooden stalls, renowned around Germany.

rooftop nativity

Stuttgart roofs

more roofs

More roof displays

We were all pretty much in awe of the decor, all the delightful holiday offerings, and the delicious food. It totally lived up to all my expectations! I am sharing a few photos here pretty much for the storytelling and for our memories. I didn’t capture the best pics here, but I wanted to mark our visit all the same.

giant smoking santa

We loved all the wooden incense smokers. This guy was giant!

wizard of oz

I spotted these adorable Wizard of Oz nutcrackers.


Sweet wooden Santas.

Stuttgart roofs

The roof display at the “Après Ski” lodge eatery.

meat on the grill

Derek was most looking forward to the food. He was particularly excited about the various bratwursts and schnitzels!

I have a few more posts of our trip to Stuttgart. We visited a couple nice museums, as well as two beautiful Christmas Markets in nearby towns. All in all we had a really great German Christmas experience!


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  1. Graham and Moira nixon says

    These are beautiful. It seemed weird that we were in Germany at the same time. …not too far away. ….experiencing markets for the first time as well….and, yes, each one seemed quite different!


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