Loches, Loire
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Around Town

Around Town, Volume V. In the Loire Valley this fall, we experienced the best weather they’ve had in over 50 years. There was next to no rain, the temps were hovering in the high teens to low twenties for much of October and on to mid-November. It was amazing!


This photo was taken in the second week of November. It was hot!


I’ve never seen such big gingkoes as the ones in our Jardins Publiques.

Birks in nov

Watching Oliver’s footie game in mid-November. Short sleeves and birkenstocks in 20* weather!

However, I will admit, this kind of strange warm weather really kind of freaks me out on the larger scale. It seems to be happening all over western Europe, and much of North America as well. Parts of Canada and the US that are usually blanketed in snow and freezing temps for much of the winter are experiencing record highs and a December devoid of snow so far! Unheard of. Let’s hope this new agreement from COP21 will start us all on making some significant global progress to fight global warming. Anyhow, I digress. Back to Loches…

dani in castle reflection

Gorgeous evenings in the Jardins Publiques.

jardins canal

Reflections on the river.

Besides the unseasonably warm weather, we have had a few foggy chilly mornings and evenings of late. As a kid, I remember falling asleep to the sound of foghorns on the ocean nearby. I have always loved a good foggy day, so I’ve been rather enjoying it.

foggy loches tower

Loches tower beyond the Logis Royale on a foggy morning.

saint ours église fog

L’église du Saint Ours in the fog.

Taking in the view from the grounds of the donjon

Taking in the foggy view from the grounds of the donjon.

Despite my feelings about the strange weather, I must say we have been really taking advantage of it. We’ve spent a lot of time this fall exploring châteaux, hanging out and playing outside, walking in the forest, and generally enjoying life. Watching soccer games on a Saturday afternoon is also rather pleasant in warm sunshine, instead of the cold and rain! Enough about the weather. Here are a few more pics from late October until late November.

Full moon, oct

Driving home from our Toussaint holiday on October 26, greeted back to Loches by the gorgeous Supermoon.


We took a picnic to Montrésor in early November, on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

montresor bridge

Danica on the bridge over the river in Montrésor.

dani canal

Golden light on the Montrésor canal.

lake november

We stopped at our favourite summer watering hole.


Harvested wheat fields. We get some pretty amazing clouds here, puffy and white!

french stone farm sheds

These ancient stone farm sheds are dotted all over the countryside. I am totally smitten.


Bright chartreuse rapeseed fields all over the countryside in the fall. So pretty!

oli forest

Oliver actually stood still for a few seconds for me to catch him in the light.

forest goodies

Some weird forest finds from our adventures.

forest dani

me + oli

Oliver has taken an interest in doing his hair lately. In this pic I caught a glimpse of my future teenage son — freaky!


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