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Les secrets de Mounlinsart

The Secrets of Marlinspike Hall. The museum is on the grounds of Château de Chéverny, and was a really fun place to visit. Oliver was particularly excited as he is an avid Tintin fan, but Danica got into it as well, as she’s been watching old Tintin cartoons with Oli lately.

outside the museum

Kiddos outside the Tintin museum.

Disclaimer — it was really dark inside and my camera battery had died, so all I had was my phone. Hence the poor quality, weirdly lit, dark and grainy photos. Sorry about that! Oliver had also chosen that day to experiment with putting Vaseline in his hair to style it. Excuse the 50s greaser look, he got his hair cut a couple days later 😉

in the scene

Oli really got into the scenes.

The museum was really well done. Amazing mockups of some rooms and scenes from the books. My favourite part was seeing Oliver’s face light up every time he turned a corner. Every time we entered another room, he would give us the background of what was going on. He was so animated, acting out scenes and really getting into the action. It was pretty awesome.

calculus affair - the lounge

A scene from the Calculus Affair brought to life. Thunder and lightning, a shattered window, a ringing telephone to answer, and even a power outage!


Inside Professor Calculus’ laboratory.

Inside Professor Calculus' laboratory.

The scenes were all brought to life with sounds and lighting, which made it seem even more real. We also got to see into Tintin’s room. You couldn’t go right inside, but you could lean in the doorway to see all the treasures and costumes he’s collected on his travels, as well as catch a glimpse of Tintin himself standing on his head — but only in the mirror!


A look inside Tintin’s bedroom. The costumes are awesome!

tintin's bedroom

There’s Tintin standing on his head, you could only see him in the mirror! Milou’s bed is under the window.

There were secret doors to open along the walls, and inside each were models of parts of the story. It was a really interactive museum, perfect to get everyone interested and involved.

model of the Unicorn

A model of the Unicorn.

Thomson's hat.

Looking inside Thomson’s bowler hat.

There were a lot of Herge’s original panels showing the process of the drawings, which was really cool to see.

rough pencil layout

Panel process – penciled layout.

panel process - ink.

panel process - ink

Panel process – ink. I love how you can see the whiteout corrections.

panel process - colour

Panel process – colour.

Here are a few more scenes. We had such a fun time, so glad we got the chance to visit.

fight on the ship

Sir Francis Haddock fighting off Red Rackham’s pirates. Oli and Derek got in on the action too 😉

Red Rackham's Treasure

A mockup of the shark-proof submarine from Red Rackham’s Treasure.



  1. Suzanna says

    Hey Lesley, it’s Suzanna! Looks like an amazing experience you guys are having, and this blog is so amazing, awesome job! I just wanted to touch base with you to tell you that we are coming to France in May 2016! I’m not sure where we will be staying yet. Do you have any suggestions? I have been searching and googling tons of info on France, but just thought it would be foolish not to ask you. My email is
    Look forward to reading more about your life right now, Suzanna


    • Hi Suzanna! So great to hear from you. We are having a great time. It’s been so awesome to get to travel around a little but also get to know this town and its surrounding areas. It has also totally opened my eyes as to how much more we have to see!
      I’ll email you soon for sure, would love to chat ideas. So far we’ve really only been to Paris, a fair bit of Normandy, and the Loire. We are heading to Brittany a couple times of the next two months, but haven’t had the chance to go south yet (spring we hope!) Anyhow, would love to talk more. Thanks for popping in to say hi!


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