France, Loches
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Chasing the light

The other night we wandered down to the vast grassy fields and forest near our house, known as les Prairies du Roy. The sun was on it’s way down behind the Cité Royale, the sky a patchwork of mottled clouds. It was the perfect mix of moody and golden, and I couldn’t help by try to capture the light. I only had my iphone with me, but I think these still turned out pretty well. Aren’t we lucky to have these phones at our fingertips that have the capability of taking beautiful photos?

oil ball 1

oil ball 2

oil ball 3

dani forest levitating

dani forest

dani stream light

Oil hardly goes anywhere without his soccer ball these days, working on perfecting his juggling and tricks. Danica would happily spend hours traipsing through forest and field, lost in the vastness of her imagination. The kids love being down there and running about, so we are enjoying it while we can. Very soon, these fields will flood into wetlands, remaining so through spring.  As we have no outdoor space in our townhouse here in Loches, les Prairies have become akin to our very own giant backyard.

oli field

oli in grass

dani twirls

dani cartwheel finish


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