France, Loches
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Around Town

Around Town, volume III. Just sharing a few pics from the last couple weeks of August around Loches! I snapped the pic above with my phone one morning as I opened the shutters in Danica’s room to wake her up for school, and the view from her window to the Logis Royale all lit up by the sun, I had to capture it. The daily ritual of opening and closing the shutters, letting the world in, is something I just love about France. The tall double french windows with their Juliette balconies. Just a little French “je ne sais quoi”.

We had such a wonderful summer exploring the area, and spent many days swimming at a lovely lake in Chemillé-sur-Indrois. It’s about a 15 minute drive, as always winding down the country roads through fields of sunflowers, wheat, corn and vineyards! I especially love the white french road signs indicating the next towns down the road.

road signs



Summer is nearing it’s end, and we are seeing signs of fall in the foliage as well as the fruits and veg at our market.

fall ivy

fall marché

Oli had to get a booster shot before school started, as well as a checkup to certify him fit to play footy! I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that the doctor’s waiting room is high-ceilinged, light and airy, complete with beautiful tile floors!

dani dr's office

dr's office floors

Just down the way from our house, beyond the Jardins Publiques, there is an expanse of low-lying fields of grass called Les Prairies du Roy. In the winter, the fields are flooded by the rising river, and become wetlands. Pretty cool little eco-system we have here! Every hundred years or so the rains are so heavy, causing excessive flooding, and the water sometimes rises right into town! The last time this happened was in the 80s, so I think we’re safe for this year 😉 The grassy fields are chock full of crickets and grasshoppers, and Danica became quite the master at catching them over the summer.

cricket search


We had to have a laugh at this last pic. We were heading back home, walking along the river, and the light was so nice so I stopped to snap a photo of Danica with the willow tree in the background. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement down into the river, and looked up to see Oliver lying flat out in the grass on the river bank, five feet down! (thankfully he was just fine, and only a little wet!) If you look closely, you can actually see him mid-fall on the far left middle of this photo. We are keeping it for posterity.

when Oli fell into the pond...

We are so looking forward to the fall travel we have coming up. We are heading to Paris next Friday for a long weekend, and then in October we will spend some of the kids’ Toussaint school holiday (last two weeks of October) with a road trip to Holland and Belgium. We have a basic itinerary in mind, but if you have any spots in Belgium in particular that you think we should visit, do let us know! We would also welcome your favourites in Amsterdam, a much-anticipated stop where we will spend four days (not enough).

We will aim for another weekend trip sometime in early December, when we’d like to head to the Alsace-Loraine region or to Germany to visit some Christmas markets. We will make our choice based on how many days we can sneak away, and what means of travel we will use, but we are super excited to experience a true European Christmas market, something we’ve dreamed of for ages.


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